Orlando International Shatters 38 Million Passenger Mark For First Time

Press Release

ORLANDO, FL. – Over 38 million passengers traveled through Orlando International Airport (MCO) from October 2014 through October 2015, making it the busiest one year period in airport history.

“Our community’s tremendous business and tourism climate along with exceptional regional leadership have led to extraordinary international growth,” says Frank Kruppenbacher, Chairman of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. “This is why we are in the midst of a record breaking year at Orlando International Airport and numbers like these illustrate why we’re investing over $3 billion into our community’s transportation infrastructure and future.”

October Statistical Data:

  • International traffic climbed nearly 24 percent with 436,839 passengers
  • Domestic traffic also showed solid growth with a 4.7 percent increase over last October. In total over 2,620,101 domestic travelers passed through Orlando International.
  • Combined overall traffic surged 7 percent in October with 3,056,940 passengers.

Rolling 12-Month Data:

  • International traffic is up 17.2 percent with 4,951,712 total passengers
  • Domestic traffic climbed 6.13 percent with 33,059,113 passengers
  • Combined traffic is up 7.45 percent with a record 38,010,825 passengers
  • International travel now accounts for more than 13 percent of MCO’s passenger total

Basic MCO Information:

MCOs domestic growth came from across the board; however, the following airlines recorded the largest increases in domestic traffic. Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit and American which combined account for 88.7 percent of the domestic traffic increase.

The following international carriers registered the largest increases in traffic; Azul, Southwest, TAM, Air Canada and Aero Mexico account for 53.5 percent of the international traffic increase, although 18 carriers did report an increase in excess of 10,000 international passengers over the previous year.

Orlando International Airport (MCO), serves approximately 38 million annual passengers, of which 13 percent are international. MCO is the second busiest airport in Florida and has approximately 18,000 badged employees and generates $31 billion in direct and indirect revenue for the regional economy. In its ongoing efforts to value and delight its customers, Orlando International Airport has embarked on a series of Capital Improvements valued at over $1.3 billion and has approved designing a new South Terminal project all aimed at enhancing The Orlando Experience.®

Traffic Summary Report