Orlando One Of The Top Five 4th of July Travel Destinations Means Busy Holiday at Orlando International Airport

Press Release

ORLANDO, FL. – The upcoming 4th of July holiday will be uncommonly busy this year at Orlando International Airport. (MCO) Orlando is predicted by Priceline.com to be one of the top five travel destinations this holiday weekend. Passenger traffic is predicted to be up 8 percent at Orlando International. For the four day period of July 2nd through July 5th , MCO is expecting approximately 435 thousand passengers to move through the facilities.

The busiest day will be July 2nd when more than 113 thousand passengers will be traveling, followed by Sunday, July 5th when over 112 thousand travelers will be using Orlando International.

With the increase in 4th of July holiday passenger traffic, here are some reminders and tips to help make the travel experience smoother at MCO.

  • Do not travel with fireworks. They are not allowed in carry-on or checked bags
  • DO NOT make light-hearted comments or jokes about explosives (it could ruin your vacation plans)
  • Do not attempt to go through security with a weapon of any kind. Travelers may only transport UNLOADED firearms in a locked, hard-sided container as checked baggage. All firearms must be declared with supporting documentation to the airline during the ticket counter check-in process.
  • Make sure you have government issued identification readily available for various stages of your travels.
  • With security always a priority, remember, if you See Something, Say Something
  • Arrive early and allow extra time for parking. The influx of travelers may limit availability of some garage parking locations.

The 4th of July numbers are in line with Summer travel predictions. The airlines are planning to bring in nearly 4400 additional flights during June, July and August or about 887 thousand additional seats which is an 8 percent increase in seating availability over 2014.

Basic MCO Information:

Orlando International Airport (MCO), serves nearly 36 million annual passengers, of which 12.5 percent are international. MCO is the second busiest airport in Florida and has approximately 18,000 badged employees and generates $31 billion in direct and indirect revenue for the regional economy. In its ongoing efforts to value and delight its customers, Orlando International Airport has embarked on a series of Capital Improvements valued at over $1.3 billion and has approved designing a new South Terminal project all aimed at enhancing The Orlando Experience.®